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100 MOQ 

1-2 week turnaround

Are you looking to design your very own CUSTOM MASK and FACIAL PROTECTION?

You have landed in the RIGHT place. At SnapCity we are pleased to offer you the ability to fully customize any kind of masks & facial protection.

We also offer you the ability to customize labels, designs, materials, attachments, and anything to make your mask truly unique. 

Whether it's art, whether its a simple design, we are here to make your vision a reality, and save lives along the way. 

Our custom face masks are created with fabric straps instead of elastic ones for maximum comfort. Through extensive product testing and customer feedback we discovered that elastic straps cause chafing and pain around the ears while fabric straps eliminate this pain and allow for a much more personalized fit based on head size and shape.

Available options:

- Branded Masks

- Anti-Dust Masks

- Anti-Smog Masks

- Replaceable Filter Masks

- Custom N95 Masks


Please follow the steps below:

1. Select type of Mask (send us any picture of any Mask you like)

2. Choose what kind of fabric and color 

3. Choose your customization options and embroidery or artwork

4. Submit your design/logo/idea to us (

5. We start building your Masks

6. Delivery straight to your door!


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